Frequently Asked Questions

What type of material and products do you use?

All our material is made from superior aircraft-quality aluminum and wood products. We use Thermo-Flex glass… which is safer, lighter, and stronger than standard glass.

What colors are available?

White is the most popular color. Other colors are available upon request. We can finish our wood products in any color or stain that fits your needs.

I’m pretty handy with tools. Do you offer a homeowner installation kit?

Absolutely. It doesn’t take any special skills to install our product. All you have to do is follow the easy steps in the installation instructions. We will show you everything you need to know and provide you with accurate drawings of all connections.

Can I heat and/or cool a sunroom?

Yes. If you heat or air-condition your house, you can do the same with your sunroom.

How do I clean the sunroom?

Yes. There are polishes available for Thermo-Flex glass. You can use dish soap and warm water for inside cleaning. Vinegar also works.

Are blinds necessary?

Blinds or a cover isn’t necessary unless you live in a high heated area. Our sunrooms are tinted and slow down the build-up of heat.

How do your sunrooms stand up in wind and snow?

Our products are quite sturdy and do very well in heavy wind and snow. They can weather hurricane force winds and meet most snow load requirements.

Do sunrooms get hot?

Sunrooms will get hot without proper ventilation. By installing windows, doors, and screens you can keep your sunroom more comfortable.

Can I add electric outlets?

We recommend you add outlets, so you can maximize the use of your sunroom.

Do your sunrooms leak?

No! Our seamless one piece system has a full neoprene gasket system with no horizontal seams.

Can a sunroom be installed on an existing patio or deck?

The sunroom can be constructed on a deck or a level concrete pad, with a foundation meeting local building requirements. Check with your designer/contractor for information specific to your area.

How can I get more information and a price?

Call and set up an in-house consultation with one of our design team members. Also see our contact page.